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Cassie Mead - New Zealand

Cassie Mead - New Zealand

Where did you grow up?

Gisborne, New Zealand

How old are you? 

34, almost 35 😅

When did your interest for the sea start? 

When I was 17 on a tall ship youth development program. 


When did you decide to persue a career at sea? 

 When I was 17, on that tall ship voyage. 


Where did you start and where are you now, title?  

 As a volunteer on the tall ship, then I went to Maritime college & studied an OOW Unlimited. 

I am a 2/O working on passenger & cargo ships. I am planning to sit my Mates/ Masters in 2024.


What's the best thing about your job? 

The constantly changing environment; every day is different & you’re always kept on your toes. No two days are the same. 


What are your responsibilities on board? 

Holding a watch & maintaining the LSA & FFE on board. 


What is the best and what is the worst thing about being a seafarer?  

That’s a hard one. I guess getting paid to look out a window is pretty great 😄 obviously we get to travel to many places & I especially love the beautiful natural sights we see every day such as sunrise/ sunset, or northern/ southern lights. 


Tell us about a memory? 

There are too many, I don’t know what to share! 😅

I guess a memory I will always have is being part of the first all female bridge team on Celebrity Edge in 2020 & meeting some of the best people I know. Many of them are now like my sisters. My Mum & best friends Mum also came to sail with me on the Womens week voyage & had flown all the way from NZ to Miami. That was really special. 


Do you have any advice for women in the seafarer industry? 

Just keep aiming for your goals. Don’t listen to any nay sayers. It is a challenging industry, but if you put in the hard yards you will make it. You will need to develop a thick skin & a good sense of humour & be able to hold your own. If you can, find a mentor or advocate in another female seafarer to help talk you through any tough times & to give you some perspective. Not everybody’s journey is the same but some are very similar.  


Anything you would like to add?

Laugh every day & never stop appreciating the small things. 

⚓️ You can follow Cassie and on Instagram at cas.sea_onboard 🛟

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