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For us, it's just as obvious that women work at sea as men do. We want to challenge old norms and prejudices about what you look like and who you are as a seafarer, while inspiring more women to apply for a job at sea.

Through our products and channels, we provide representation of women seafarers that reflects modern seafaring life. 

We think the sea is the best place to work

and that it should be equally accessible to all!

"She wants to change the image"

- I strongly believe in representation. If it's visible, it exists. If you see Celi on a poster or a mug in the coffee room at work, your brain will register it," says Emily Gyllenspetz, who created the characters.

"If you'd asked me to describe exactly how a female seafarer should be represented as, there is no way I would have been able to put together how beautifully you've captured my minds idea of what a perfect representation.... You have nailed it with each line and colour! You've made it seem like "Home" & and it is so appealing to the "outside" world."

– Captain Kate McCue, Celebrity Cruises 

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Shefarers Co™ illustrations

Are designed and created by founder Emily Gyllenspetz. Soon you'll be able to read about them in an upcoming series of children's books!


Founder of Shefarers Co™, Illustrator, Creative director, Speaker, Head of marketing. 


Fell in love with the sea as a teenager when, as a naval cadet, she was taught the basics of navigation and seamanship, followed by an Atlantic sailing trip on the school ship T/S Gunilla. With a ship's officer and engineer's officer class VII training behind her, she has worked as both second officer and able seaman. She was also the first female mate on board the steamer Bohuslän

Photographer, Purchasing Manager.


Gustav also grew up on Donsö, Sweden's densest shipping island, and has accompanied his father out on various ships since childhood. Worked as a sailor for eight years with a great passion for photography and an eye for detail.