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Donating money to RFSL for every sold Celi Pride mug in June

June is just around the corner and what's even more exciting is that pride Month is just around the corner! 

Of course we want to contribute and support HBTQ+ people's rights this month, equality is the foundation of this company.

We will be contributing to this by donating 10kr / 1$ to RFSL for every sold Pride Celi mug. The mugs will be available from June first and for every sold mug during June we will be donating money. Three colourful pride mugs with our signature print remade for this cause will be available to help spread joy and love at home, on board and at work. Happy pride everyone. 


A quick note about Pink Washing… 

There is a lot to say about pink washing but we are going to keep it short just to give you an idea of what it is and assure you that that is not what is going on here. 

Pink washing is when a company is using gay rights to promote themselves when they in reality doesn't meet those standards and not contributing to the community. Though if a company sells pride merch and donates money to organisations that helps the HBTQ+ community is not pink washing. 

With this said we assure you that there is no pink washing going on here, now go get yourself a Pride Celi mug and help us help others 🙌 As we said, 10kr for every sold mug in June will be donated to RFSL

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