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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

It is never too early to start shopping for Christmas and that can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we have put together the ultimate gift guide for everyone on your list to make your holiday shopping as smooth as possible. 

However we do recommend to make your order before December 10th just to be 100% sure that Santa arrives in time! 

International customers should place their orders before the end of November! Might be good to know that we have a 60 day return policy.

This Gift guide is short and concise to make sure that you find it as easy as possible to find a match a gift to someone on your holiday gift list. 

How to use the gift guide

You will also see that under each “type of person” there will be three alternatives 

💲The budget friendly gift 

💲💲 The great gift 

💲💲💲 The exclusive gift

We decided not to include pictures of each product to make it easy for you to find a match on the type of person or persons you are planning buying a gift for. Once you have found a match simply click on the links to the product ( The will be highlighted ) that sounds interesting and a new tab will open. Click on all the products you are interested in and then simply close the tabs until you have found a winner. This will make it easy to compare and choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones! 

Without any further ado, lets get in to it!


To the seafarer

💲A mug with a crewmember that matches their title. For example if they work on deck you could give them Annie, if they work as a bridge officer give them Celi and if they work with the machinery onboard give them one of the Ylva mugs. 

💲💲A crewmember T-shirt. Same principle as with the mugs. 

💲💲💲 A crewmember hoodie or a sueded fleece hoodie with seafarer or shefarer embroidered.  


To the leiasure boat owner

💲Anchor socks 

💲💲 Anchor t-shirt 

💲💲💲 The entire mug collection for the person to have onboard, alternatively an Anchor hoodie 



To the mother 

💲 A small Celi tote bag ( Because she is the captain right? ) 

💲💲 Anchor T-shirt dress ( If you size up one size there is nothing more comfortable to sleep in)

💲💲💲 Anchor long sleeve dress 


To the father

💲 One of our socks 

💲💲 Annie xoxo T-shirt 

💲💲💲 Anchor Hoodie 


To the sister

💲 A scrunchie

💲💲 Woman T-shirt 

💲💲💲 The full woman tracksuit 


To the brother

💲 Crewmember socks

💲💲 The bucket hat 

💲💲💲 Crewmember hoodie 


To the friend 

💲 A poster

💲💲 A large tote bag

💲💲💲 Match a laptop sleeve, mug and tote  bag for a complete office set! Use the same crewmember or mix them up! Maybe have the Annie tote bag with the Annie xoxo laptop sleeve and Ylva mug ?


To the family

💲 A poster! Night Watch would be perfect for a kid room or a funky living room. 

💲💲 Matching t-shirts! Get the kids and family crewmember t-shirts from the same or different characters. 

💲💲💲 Matching hoodies. There is no cuter thing than a family with matching sets, with our hoodies they’ll get that edgy cool vibe! Kids hoodies , Adult hoodies 


To the family that is going on vacation 

💲💲💲 Swimwear for the parents and if he child i somewhere in their early teens you can get them a swimsuit or the swim trunks in XS ( Check out the size chart), alternatively a anchor t-shirt for a smaller child. 


To the teenager

💲 A phone case

💲💲 A laptop sleeve

💲💲💲 The Femino Backpack 


To the one that likes to go to the gym 

💲💲💲 Whale towel & Whale duffle bag! The perfect gym bag combo


To the one that travels a lot 

💲A laptop sleeve. If you get the big one it is great as an organizer as well because it fits A LOT of stuff. 

💲💲Shefarer hoodie or the Seafarer hoodie. Why ? Because it is lightweight and takes up half the space a regular hoodie does.

💲💲💲 Whale duffle bag. So much stuff goes in to this bag and it is great to carry on your back as well if you need to walk a bit with it.



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