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Seasalt & Coffee is turning one! Congratulations 🎊 How will we be celebrating? By closing our website. Yes you got that right. On January 9th we will be closing our website for visitors. ❌🛒 Why ? Because we are rebranding!

You can look at this rebranding as a form of coming of age. This company has gone from a hobby project to a mission based business. The child has become an adult… or at least a young adult. With that said, we are reopening on February 1st!

Why are we letting go off the Seasalt & Coffee name? When I started this business I had no experience, zero knowledge off how to run one, no idea how marketing works and even less knowledge off how to do branding. In the very beginning we used the name Femino but it didn’t feel right, so I recycled a blog name from a blog I used to have back in high school. Since I had zero experience with building a company and a brand (With no budget) I had to learn everything from scratch, and when you are trying to learn many things at the same you tend to miss things. Like “How do I make my website turn up on the first page off google?” Maybe not by putting the word coffee in it since we are currently competing with every singe coffee shop with the world with the word coffee in it…..I also learned that you should really research the name properly to make sure it is free. The word seasalt wasn’t free apparently and in order not to get sued and respecting someone else’s trademark, we have to let it go.

If you believe that things happen for a reason the message is that there was no future with Seasalt & Coffee, but there is with our new name. It fits the brand better, it got character and it is not stepping over someone else’s trademark, in fact we got our own now! 🎉

Our mission will always be to work towards equality and normalize women working at sea. The past year has been something like an experiment, to answer the question if there even is a market for this and how to work in order to achieve our goal. To take the female out off female seafarer, so that there is just a seafarer where the male gender is not instantly assumed. To create a better world for our children.

Se you in February!

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  • Koen Van Lippevelde

    Good luck, and looking forward to the new company website!

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